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Islamic Banking and Finance Courses

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Cardiff Metropolitan University specializes in courses that are career orientated and which have been designed in conjunction with business and industry. In its vision statement Cardiff Metropolitan University declares itself, “to be a premier provider of vocational education and professional training”. Cardiff Metropolitan University has a strong international profile. International students are recruited from over 125 countries and represent ten per cent of the student population. The University offers international programmes through international collaborative agreements and maintains its quality standards with rigorous quality control processes. Cardiff Metropolitan University provides education and training opportunities that are accessible, flexible and of the highest quality. It has been independently acclaimed for its high academic standards and for its high level of student satisfaction. For the last 4 years Cardiff Metropolitan University has been ranked as overall top in the UK for International student satisfaction.

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MSc Financial Management ( Islamic Finance )

This newly validated programme is part of a suite of Msc Finance programmes at Cardiff Metropolitan University all of which have at their heart the same educational goals:

  • To promote the advanced study of finance in a practical as well as theoretical context
  • To prepare for and/or development of a career in banking, finance, business and management by developing skills at a professional or equivalent level, or as preparation for research or further study in the area.
  • To enhance lifelong learning skills and personal development so as to be able to work with self-direction and originality and to contribute to business and society at large.

For more information and to register please Download Our Course Booklet.  

Islamic Finance - Executive Series

Continuing Professional Development - Students can enrol on these courses on an attendance only basis or on an assessed basis. Students registering for the attendance only course will receive a Certificate of Attendance. The participants/learners wishing to show their competence within their field of study in a more formal way will be required to undertake the optional assessed element - a written piece of coursework, set and assessed by the Department of Accounting, Economics & Finance at Cardiff Metropolitan University.  
This will be due within 6- 8 weeks after the date of the course attended. And students undertaking this work will be registered as students of the University with access to its’ physical and on-line library in addition to support through the Virtual Learning Environment. Successful candidates will achieve 10 University Credits (per course) towards the Continuing Professional Development degree programme of the University



DESIGNED FOR: The professionals in the financial industry at all levels, who are aspiring to join the Islamic finance sector or who are working in conventional financial institutions which deal with Islamic counterparts.
COURSE OVERVIEW: In this course module the delegates will develop a comprehensive understanding of basic Islamic laws, principles &, prohibitions and/of contracts widely used in the Islamic Financial system. The delegates will also understand the general evolution, dimension, structure and trends in the Islamic Finance industry. For more information and to register please Download Course Booklet.


DESIGNED FOR: The professionals in the legal fraternity & other associated professionals associated with the Islamic Finance industry or are aspiring to expand their knowledge. 
COURSE OVERVIEW: This course module will impart to delegates a comprehensive knowledge of Sharia’a laws and principles as applied in the Islamic financial system. The delegates will acquire a deeper understanding of relevant parts of Sharia’a, Fiqh & Islamic Schools of law, principles and applications of Islamic contract law, with special emphasis on rules and methodologies adopted in deriving resolutions in Islamic Financial issues. For more informationand to register pleaseDownload Course Booklet


DESIGNED FOR: The accountants & auditors who are already working in Islamic Finance institutions or are aspiring to join the industry in this specialised role.
COURSE OVERVIEW: Delegates will acquire comprehensive & practical knowledge of accounting, reporting & auditing standards for and practices of Islamic Financial Institutions. The delegates will become familiar with the Sharia’a Governance and compliance framework and its importance in the management and auditing of Islamic Financial institutions For more information and to register please Download Course Booklet..


DESIGNED FOR: The professionals in the retail banking, the insurance industry, independent financial advisors and agents, Sharia’a advisors, takaful and retakaful operators/providers & product developers.
COURSE OVERVIEW: The delegates will be made familiar with essential Islamic principles & concepts and will acquire specific knowledge of the contracts for the products of Sharia’a compliant retail banking & Takaful (Islamic insurance) which are currently being offered by the financial institutions and are in high demand by individuals and households. For more information and to register please Download Course Booklet.


DESIGNED FOR: The professionals in the financial industry sector and other professionals interested in Islamic financial market. It is also designed for CFOs who want to explore opportunities of Islamic finance for meeting financial needs of their companies.
COURSE OVERVIEW: Delegates gain a comprehensive understanding of Islamic capital markets in general and of the structures, market players, debt and equity type securities, underlying contracts & value propositions of Islamic funds in particular. Delegates will be familiar with market. For more information and to register please Download Course Booklet.


DESIGNED FOR: The professionals in corporate & project finance, risk management, capital markets, consortium and syndicate finance, securities business, Middle & Senior officers & Managers, including heads of product development, corporate finance, credit, legal departments; fund managers, futures brokers and trading advisers, treasury managers, regulators, officials from public and private organisations interested in Islamic financial market. 
COURSE OVERVIEW: Delegates will acquire practical knowledge and skills to understand the essential elements of Islamic corporate and project finance structures and specific risks involved. The delegates will understand and can choose adequate Sharia’a compliant structures, strategies, valuations and instruments for different purposes and identify, mitigate & mange the risk profile of investments. For more information and to register please Download Course Booklet.


DESIGNED FOR: The professionals in the Regulatory Authorities, Central Banks, Securities and Exchange Commissions, Professional bodies and institutions in finance, banking, fund management and insurance/takaful. This course is also designed for the associate industries to Islamic Finance e.g. tax lawyers, auditors, accountants, officials from public and private organizations.
COURSE OVERVIEW: Delegates will understand how the Islamic finance industry is regulated as a segment of the global and national financial systems; they will be familiar with specific adjustments of general standards to the needs of Islamic finance. The delegates can apply knowledge about tax issues in the different Sharia’a compliant contracts to adjust transactions according to the respective tax laws in different countries. This module will enhance the practical skills of the delegates to address the issues and meet the challenges while establishing a Sharia’a based organization/legal entity. For more information and to register please Download Course Booklet..


DESIGNED FOR: The professionals in the financial sector specifically for the regulators, banking, insurance, capital markets, accountants, auditors, lawyers, Sharia’a advisors, officials from public and private organisations.
COURSE OVERVIEW: The Anti Money Laundering (AML) course module is designed to give the delegates a comprehensive knowledge and broader insight into understanding the issue, and application of the AML risk matrix combined with good corporate governance to balance the regulatory requirements for the regulated sector.
N.B. This module is not currently a credit bearing module. For more information and to register please Download Course Booklet.

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